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5 Must-Have Signs You Need at Your Wedding

Let’s talk wedding signage. While it’s an important detail of your big day, it seems to be one of the last things brides and grooms think of in the planning process. Wedding and event signs not only direct your guests on where to go and what to do, but they also welcome them and help set the vibe for the whole event. Sure, you could quickly print off something you made using Microsoft Word, but should you? You’ve spent boatloads of money for this day, don’t skip on the details.

If you haven’t had a chance to even think about the signs you should have at your wedding, you’re in luck! Here are the five most asked for sign requests we get at Flourishing Quirk…

Welcome Signs

Pretty self explanatory, but a very important touch for a wedding! Welcome signs are like a big friendly hug to your guests. But not only that, imagine a guest walking into a new building and being unsure if they’re in the right place. Not to mention not knowing which direction to go upon entering. A welcome sign not only answers that question, but it is typically the very first thing guests see. So make sure it matches all the hard work you’ve put into the rest of your wedding.

Ceremony Signs

Whether it’s a “choose a seat not a side” sign or something kindly letting your guests know you’re having an unplugged ceremony, these signs and decor are crucial for making sure your ceremony goes off without any hiccups.

Seating Charts

While some brides and grooms might opt for unassigned receptions, a seating chart will always be my suggestion when it comes to weddings. Nothing is worse than asking “is this seat taken” over and over again while you try to find a spot for your party. Seating charts take the pressure off your guests and can be a great way to add a show-stopping statement piece to your decor.

Bar Signs & Bar Menus

Don’t skimp when it comes to your bar signage. Love is intoxicating after all! A bar menu helps guests know what is available free of charge and what they will need to fork out some cash for. Signature cocktail signs also make for a fun keepsake item especially when you opt for illustrated drinks.


Your guestbook is a great way to remember the love and fun from your big day, so don’t let your guests forget about it. A well placed and eye-catching guestbook sign is a must-have for your wedding. Not only will it help to remind guests that they should sign it, but you can list directions on what you want done with your guestbook. Does it involve snapping a picture with a polaroid? Should they use a specific writing utensil? These are all questions that your guestbook sign can answer so you can have a keepsake you’ll cherish forever.

Gifts/Cards Table

This particular sign can be smaller, on the more minimalistic side, or even combined with your guestbook sign. But your guests will need to know where they can place their gifts, so why not make your gift table sign memorable?

Ready to add some flourish to your next event? Check out our event signage offerings today!

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